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SPS is engineering and consulting services Company with focus on the development of solar power projects and offering technical training in energy and management related topics. Our company with its long-lasting experience offers world class services in the solar energy field. Most effective way to generate power for all consumer categories in various scales in regions with high solar energy potentials such as the MENA region.

SPS mission is to accompany its clients; project owners and developers, in all project development stages of their projects. Our support covers solar energy projects using CSP and PV technologies and aims at providing our clients with the most economically feasible and environment friendly tailored electricity generation systems. Besides power generation systems, we offer our expertise in professional technical training in energy and management fields. Furthermore, the preparation of bankable feasibility studies, site and solar resource assessment studies for solar power projects, is included in our services scope.


MoinEnergy provides information on energy consumption and production (if applicable, e.g. PV) and has been developed for dynamic tariff integration following the 2025 regulations for energy suppliers in Germany


Project Name: Installation and operation of standardized meteorological station

Client: Catalyst Investment

Date: 10/2017

Country: Jordan

Scope: Construction, installation of high precision meteorological station to measure mainly DNI in southern Jordan for project development purposes.

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Project Name: Grid Impact Study for Umniah 4 MWp PV Project


Date: 10/2017 – 12/2017

Country: Jordan

Scope: preparation of approved Grid Impact Study in accordance to the Jordanian Grid Code and IDECO (Utility) restrictions

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Project Name: Design and Grid Impact Study of 6.32 MWp solar PV project

Client: Applied Science University

Date: 03/2018

Country: Jordan

Scope: preparation of PV plant technical design including electrical and electrical components and layouts for the university PV project according to international standards and national regulations.

Preparation of approved Grid Impact Study in accordance to the Jordanian Grid Code and NEPCO (Utility) restrictions

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Project Name: Topographic survey and geotechnical investigation of 120 dunams land area for solar PV project construction purposes

Client: Applied Science University

Date: 07/2018

Country: Jordan, AL-Salt

Scope: Preparation of detailed drawings for the topography of a land in Subaihi (Al-Salt) in accordance to international standards.

Preparation of geotechnical report about the physical and mechanical properties of the soil within the investigated area according to the standards of Jordanian Engineers Association (JEA) for PV plants construction.


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Jordan, Aqaba

Project Name: Installation and operation of standardized, meteorological station – Stand-alone Soiling measurement Kit.

Client: Shamsuna Power Company

Date: 10/2018

Country: Jordan, Aqaba

Scope: Construction, installation of high precision meteorological station to mainly measure soiling effect on PV performance in Aqaba, southern Jordan for project development purposes.

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West Bank, Palestine

Project name: Grid Impact Assessment of PV Systems for Massader Public Schools Rooftop Solar PV Rollout

Client: International Finance Corporation (IFC) – World Bank Group

Date: 10/2018

Country: West Bank, Palestine

Scope: Preparation of feeder hosting study, evaluating distribution feeders in the West Bank grid in order to evaluate their capability for hosting distributed solar PV generators, and determine the maximum PV capacity that could be installed in the electrical system without compromising its power quality.

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Moroccan Solar Summer School

Project Name: Moroccan Solar Summer School

Client: German International Cooperation

Date: 09/2016

Country: Morocco

Scope: preparation and execution of training program in Photovoltaic and concentrating solar power technologies for engineers

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Saudi DC Contractors

Project Name: Zero Energy Villa in Jeddah

Client: Saudi DC Contractors

Date: 05/2015 – 12/2016

Scope: Design and modeling of zero plus energy villa under the Saudi climate for commercial and private purposes

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Project Name: Technical design, financial feasibility and tendering of solar street and 50 kWp PV solar system for Al-Ekeider Landfill

Client: UNDP

Date: 06/2017

Scope: elaboration of conception and technical Design of solar street lighting and 50 kWp solar PV power system for UNDP facility in northern Jordan, including elaboration of design layouts and tender documents.

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Jordanian Water Sector

Project Name: Development of Policy for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for the Jordanian Water Sector

Client: Jordan’s Ministry of Water and Irrigation/German International Cooperation

Date: 12/2014 – 05/2015

Country: Jordan


  • Develop Energy Efficiency Policy for the Jordanian water sector,
  • Develop Action plan to implement this policy including PPP implementation option.
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Energy Farming in Jordan’s Highlands

Client: Jordan’s Ministry of Water and Irrigation – German International Cooperation

Date: 09/2014 – 12/2015

Country:  Jordan


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Project Name: Energy Audit and technical design of PV system for Teeba company.

Client: Teeba Factory

Date: 04 – 07/2014

Country: Jordan

Scope: Industrial energy audit, Solar / site resources assessment Design of PV plant (1 MWp)

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