Technical and Conceptual Training

Why training in solar technologies is needed:

  • Rapid growth of the solar energy markets during the last years.
  • Projections indicate a strong near-term demand on local capacities, knowledge, and local content.
  • Good preparation of capacities is highly requested to make the required green energy boom.

The offered training courses include:

Project planning course:

  • Target group: project planners and managers.
  • Objective: training in the areas of professional project planning and yield analysis of solar thermal power plants.
  • Contents: the course covers typical structure and development processes, project planning tools and the assessment of the economic viability of a CSP project.
  • Duration: four days.

Technical course:

  • Target group: engineers and technicians working on site in the construction, operation and maintenance of solar power projects.
  • Objectives: prepare the target group technically to perform the planned tasks.
  • Contents: each course will be tailored made based on clients’s needs.
  • Duration: will be defined on individual basis.

Solar expert course:

  • Target group: utility and ministries senior engineers and managers.
  • Objectives: provide the target group with sufficient scientific knowledge in the solar energy technologies to enable right decision making regarding strategic planning.
  • Contents: the course covers an overview of CSP technologies, solar resource assessment for the certain country, power plant yield analysis, useful CSP applications and an overview of project planning and implementation phases.
  • Duration: four days course.

Solar Resource Assessment:

  • Target group: project developers, scientists and researchers.
  • Objectives: enhance the participants’ knowledge in state-of-the-art of solar resource assessment.
  • Contents: solar resource theory, solar resource measurement, ground and satellite measurements and solar resource assessment.
  • Duration: three days course.

Project Management Course:

  • Target group: project developers.
  • Objectives: provide the participants with the knowledge and techniques of solar project management.
  • Contents: covering the project life cycle with related decision techniques including project initiation phase, project planning phase, project implementation phase, project operation phase and project closing phase.
  • Duration: four days course.