Power Plant Optimization

The proper and high quality planning and construction of any solar power plants (PV and CSP) is very essential to maximize the plants profitability. It is roughly estimated that 10-15% of plant efficiency can be easily lost or gained during the planning and construction of solar power plants. In this regard, for a large extent, any later correction measures of planning and construction errors are significantly expensive. For these reasons and since solar power plants are a long-term investment, where each percent point contributes to profitability over their long life time, it is strongly recommended to invest more expert efforts to improving the plants quality during construction.

SPS provides its expert services to improve the technical plant design, general plant layout, selection of components and quality control during assembly and installation. We offer high standard monitoring techniques to ensure the efficient installation of the power plant.

For PV plants we offer besides monitoring the construction, monitoring of your plants operation and efficiency in the entire plant life time. For CSP plants, optical quality control for mirrors’ mounting, collector assembly and collector alignment is offered.