SPS is engineering and consulting services Company with main focus on the development of solar power projects and offering technical training in energy and management related topics. Our company with its long lasting experience offers world class services covering its domain. Our cooperation with leading industrial and research partner in Germany and worldwide is an added value to our expertise and enables delivering the best adequate solutions to our clients.

Now getting more economic feasible, we are certain that the solar energy technologies are the most sustainable and most effective way to generate power for all consumer categories in various scales in regions with high solar energy potentials such as the MENA region. SPS mission is to accompany its clients; project owners and developers, in all project development stages of their projects. Our support covers solar energy projects using CSP and PV technologies and aims at providing our clients with the most economically feasible and environment friendly tailored electricity generation systems. Besides power generation systems, we offer our expertise in professional technical training in energy and management fields. Furthermore, the preparation of bankable feasibility studies, site and solar resource assessment studies for solar power projects, is included in our services scope.

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