Meteorological Services

We provide automatic on-grid and off-grid weather stations that measure accurately the different solar irradiation values, i.e. DNI, GHI, DHI and other typical weather parameters. Outputs are useful for site assessment and the development and operation of solar power plants. The measured data can be transmitted by a cell phone modem or can be connected to power plant control system. Two types of stations are offered depending on the client’s needs:

  • Rotating Shadowband Irradiometer (RSI)
  • Pryheliometer high precision weather station with tracker.

Besides high accuracy of our weather stations, we offer solar data services.

Our concept includes day to day receipt of the meteorological data and therefore continuous control of the sensors and the measured data quality.

Our services in the meteorological data field include:

  • Client’s tailored design and configuration of the weather measurement station.
  • Installation and commissioning of the station at the defined site
  • Daily data retrieval via GPRS,
  • Quality control of the measured meteorological data,
  • Regular maintenance and control visits to the sites.
  • Data analyses and preparation of reference data sets.
  • Preparation of regular graphics assisted summary reports.