Grid Impact Studies

Nowadays, the electrical networks around the world are undergoing rapid changing. The deployment on energy generation from green resources has increased significantly in the last decade due to several essential environmental and economic aspects. On the other hand, this high renewable energy penetration at transmission and distribution levels can cause various technical challenges to the power system as these resources are intermittent in nature. For this manner, the connection of solar/wind farms to the power grid has to be studied. In SPS, we implement this study is to analyze the impact of renewable project integration into the electrical network. We also provide recommend measures needed to our client in order to maintain the security, reliability, and stability of the power system in a most appropriate manner. The following concerns of the power system are analyzed in our work:

  1. Load flow analysis
  2. Short circuit study
  3. Contingency analysis
  4. Power factor analysis
  5. Impact on system operation
  6. System dynamic stability study
  7. Sudden voltage changes
  8. Power quality assessment

SPS team has extensive experience in power system simulation and analysis and will insure that the mentioned studies will work on to demonstrate the capability of the plant to meet all the grid code requirements stated by grid operator.