Energy Efficiency Services

Economists now broadly agree that improved energy efficiency is the most cost-effective strategies to ensure the smooth provision of energy services. However, energy efficiency (EE) is often the forgotten pillar of the sustainable energy supply system.

SPS can offer his institutional clients professional energy efficiency services like:

  • Energy audit
  • Energy management services
  • Tailor-made seminars on energy efficiency andEnergy Management Systems (EMS)
  • Awareness campaigns on EE for all sectors
  • Assessment of Energy-efficient building design
  • Assessment of EE technologies

We have a team of international EE experts with large experiences in working in emerging economies. SPS can design and manage innovative commercial, industrial and residential EE programs for utilities and other institutional clients.

Energy Audit

An Energy audit is an inspection of energy flows within an industrial or commercial facility aiming at the identification of energy losses. SPS’s energy audits is conducted according to international norms and standard and brings out a catalogues of energy conservation options viable for investment with supportive information on vendors and financing options.

Depending on customer needs we can offer different types of energy audits:

  • Walk-through audit
  • Targeted energy audit
  • Investment grade energy audit
  • Energy monitoring