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We continuously seek new, motivated and extraordinary candidates to support our team on global level. You can join us as a starter, experienced or student employee. Furthermore, you could join our team on flexible basis to contribute to a specific project as freelancer expert. In this option also, you will have total responsibility of your task. We are an equal opportunity employer with a strong sense of mission. We welcome your initiative application to join us via contact form including your recent CV and a cover letter.

We continuously seek new, motivated and extraordinary candidates to support our team on global level. You can join us as a starter, experienced or student employee. Furthermore, you could join our team on flexible basis to contribute to a specific project as freelancer expert. In this option also, you will have total responsibility of your task. We are an equal opportunity employer with a strong sense of mission. We welcome your initiative application to join us via contact form including your recent CV and a cover letter

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Technical and Conceptual Training

Technical and Conceptual Training

Why training in solar technologies is needed:

  • Rapid growth of the solar energy markets during the last years.
  • Projections indicate a strong near-term demand on local capacities, knowledge, and local content.
  • Good preparation of capacities is highly requested to make the required green energy boom.

The offered training courses include:

Project planning course:

  • Target group: project planners and managers.
  • Objective: training in the areas of professional project planning and yield analysis of solar thermal power plants.
  • Contents: the course covers typical structure and development processes, project planning tools and the assessment of the economic viability of a CSP project.
  • Duration: four days.

Technical course:

  • Target group: engineers and technicians working on site in the construction, operation and maintenance of solar power projects.
  • Objectives: prepare the target group technically to perform the planned tasks.
  • Contents: each course will be tailored made based on clients’s needs.
  • Duration: will be defined on individual basis.

Solar expert course:

  • Target group: utility and ministries senior engineers and managers.
  • Objectives: provide the target group with sufficient scientific knowledge in the solar energy technologies to enable right decision making regarding strategic planning.
  • Contents: the course covers an overview of CSP technologies, solar resource assessment for the certain country, power plant yield analysis, useful CSP applications and an overview of project planning and implementation phases.
  • Duration: four days course.

Solar Resource Assessment:

  • Target group: project developers, scientists and researchers.
  • Objectives: enhance the participants’ knowledge in state-of-the-art of solar resource assessment.
  • Contents: solar resource theory, solar resource measurement, ground and satellite measurements and solar resource assessment.
  • Duration: three days course.

Project Management Course:

  • Target group: project developers.
  • Objectives: provide the participants with the knowledge and techniques of solar project management.
  • Contents: covering the project life cycle with related decision techniques including project initiation phase, project planning phase, project implementation phase, project operation phase and project closing phase.
  • Duration: four days course.
Energy Efficiency Services

Energy Efficiency Services

Economists now broadly agree that improved energy efficiency is the most cost-effective strategies to ensure the smooth provision of energy services. However, energy efficiency (EE) is often the forgotten pillar of the sustainable energy supply system.

SPS can offer his institutional clients professional energy efficiency services like:

  • Energy audit
  • Energy management services
  • Tailor-made seminars on energy efficiency andEnergy Management Systems (EMS)
  • Awareness campaigns on EE for all sectors
  • Assessment of Energy-efficient building design
  • Assessment of EE technologies

We have a team of international EE experts with large experiences in working in emerging economies. SPS can design and manage innovative commercial, industrial and residential EE programs for utilities and other institutional clients.

Energy Audit

An Energy audit is an inspection of energy flows within an industrial or commercial facility aiming at the identification of energy losses. SPS’s energy audits is conducted according to international norms and standard and brings out a catalogues of energy conservation options viable for investment with supportive information on vendors and financing options.

Depending on customer needs we can offer different types of energy audits:

  • Walk-through audit
  • Targeted energy audit
  • Investment grade energy audit
  • Energy monitoring
Grid Impact Studies

Grid Impact Studies

Nowadays, the electrical networks around the world are undergoing rapid changing. The deployment on energy generation from green resources has increased significantly in the last decade due to several essential environmental and economic aspects. On the other hand, this high renewable energy penetration at transmission and distribution levels can cause various technical challenges to the power system as these resources are intermittent in nature. For this manner, the connection of solar/wind farms to the power grid has to be studied. In SPS, we implement this study is to analyze the impact of renewable project integration into the electrical network. We also provide recommend measures needed to our client in order to maintain the security, reliability, and stability of the power system in a most appropriate manner. The following concerns of the power system are analyzed in our work:

  1. Load flow analysis
  2. Short circuit study
  3. Contingency analysis
  4. Power factor analysis
  5. Impact on system operation
  6. System dynamic stability study
  7. Sudden voltage changes
  8. Power quality assessment

SPS team has extensive experience in power system simulation and analysis and will insure that the mentioned studies will work on to demonstrate the capability of the plant to meet all the grid code requirements stated by grid operator.

Glint and Glare Studies

Glint and Glare Studies

We help you in recognizing  when, and how often direct and reflected sunlight can an impact on the surroundings. With this assessment, you can be sure about the impact you are making and taking the right decision to mitigate any hazards. We analyse the impact of photovoltaic systems to the pilots and offer feasible solutions to mitigate and reduce any risks

Meteorological Services

Meteorological Services

We provide automatic on-grid and off-grid weather stations that measure accurately the different solar irradiation values, i.e. DNI, GHI, DHI and other typical weather parameters. Outputs are useful for site assessment and the development and operation of solar power plants. The measured data can be transmitted by a cell phone modem or can be connected to power plant control system. Two types of stations are offered depending on the client’s needs:

  • Rotating Shadowband Irradiometer (RSI)
  • Pryheliometer high precision weather station with tracker.

Besides high accuracy of our weather stations, we offer solar data services.

Our concept includes day to day receipt of the meteorological data and therefore continuous control of the sensors and the measured data quality.

Our services in the meteorological data field include:

  • Client’s tailored design and configuration of the weather measurement station.
  • Installation and commissioning of the station at the defined site
  • Daily data retrieval via GPRS,
  • Quality control of the measured meteorological data,
  • Regular maintenance and control visits to the sites.
  • Data analyses and preparation of reference data sets.
  • Preparation of regular graphics assisted summary reports.
Power Plant Optimization

Power Plant Optimization

The proper and high quality planning and construction of any solar power plants (PV and CSP) is very essential to maximize the plants profitability. It is roughly estimated that 10-15% of plant efficiency can be easily lost or gained during the planning and construction of solar power plants. In this regard, for a large extent, any later correction measures of planning and construction errors are significantly expensive. For these reasons and since solar power plants are a long-term investment, where each percent point contributes to profitability over their long life time, it is strongly recommended to invest more expert efforts to improving the plants quality during construction.

SPS provides its expert services to improve the technical plant design, general plant layout, selection of components and quality control during assembly and installation. We offer high standard monitoring techniques to ensure the efficient installation of the power plant.

For PV plants we offer besides monitoring the construction, monitoring of your plants operation and efficiency in the entire plant life time. For CSP plants, optical quality control for mirrors’ mounting, collector assembly and collector alignment is offered.

Engineering and Procurement (EP) of Solar Power Projects

Engineering and Procurement (EP) of Solar Power Projects

SPS provides conceptual and engineering designs including performance modeling of medium and large scale PV and CSP Projects worldwide. Our main competency in this field lies in adapting quality edge cutting technologies, offered from our technology partners, to the local conditions at project site. Our overall objective is to provide our clients with the best feasible solution to maximize their profits. The offered solutions are tailored for individual cases to satisfy the specific needs of the clients with best outcomes. Furthermore, SPS supplies its clients with high power plants components at competitive prices.



The scope of our services includes tailored solutions for public and large private clients. Our consultancy will assist our clients in the initiation process of their solar energy project and accompanies it throughout the project development processes. This includes initial site, solar resource and technology assessments, and preparation of (pre-) feasibility studies. In alter step we provide full automated high precision meteorological stations including solar data services.

For privately financed Projects, we offer technical and contractual consulting services for investors and the government. Our scope covers the financial, technical, ecological and contractual assessments.  In a following step we support the planning and the implementation of the solar power generation projects.